How to setup Roku streaming player with your old TV (Without HDMI cable)?

Here we are going to tell you to use Roku streaming player without using the HDMI cable. As you know, old TV does not include the HDMI port then how to connect Roku with your home TV? We have an optimal solution to solve this issue. Moreover, Roku provides the new streaming player model which has the ability to connect with any TV through HDMI port or composite ports. In addition, Roku Express+ is the only models that are compatible with your old TV.

Features of Roku Express+ streaming player:

  • Use your old TV as a smart TV with the Express+ streaming player
  • Moreover, you can connect it to your old TV through HDMI cable
  • Use it with your HD TV through HDMI cable
  • Furthermore, Roku Express+ is available at the affordable cost that anyone can pay easily
  • You can access all the free channels that are available at other Roku devices
  • Great performance with 1080p HD streaming quality
  • Easy to use as and maintain

Setup Roku Express with your old TV or HD TV:

  • You have to establish cable connections first
  • If you have an old TV, use composite cable to connect
  • Moreover, insert it into your streaming player as well as the TV set
  • Now you have to connect your streaming player to the power source
  • Kindly turn on your Roku Express+ streaming device
  • Complete the on-screen setup
  • Firstly, you have to determine your language that you want to use
  • Moreover, select a language from the list and click on OK button
  • Further, connect your express+ streaming player to the internet connection
  • For wired network connection, you have to use the cable called an Ethernet cable
  • For wireless network connection, simply use your username as well as password to connect
  • Provide above detail to make the internet connection
  • After that, update the latest software
  • You can wait for the reboot and restart Roku
  • Afterward, see Roku activation code on your Roku screen
  • Roku activation code will help you to establish link between your device and account
  • Now you have to activate your Roku account by using Roku activation code

How to unlink Roku device from account?

  • Open on your PC or laptop
  • After that, sign in to your account
  • If you are already log in, no need to again sign in
  • Further, scroll down and reach the bottom of the My account web page
  • Find the “My linked device” section
  • Afterward, chose unlink option and confirm it
  • If you find any problem, take help from customer support

Steps for Roku channel activation on Roku streaming device:

You can add the channel from your Roku device as well as account.

Add channel via account:

  • Sing in your account first
  • You can see categories and genres at top of your site
  • You have to explore this option
  • After that, type your channel name in the search channel box
  • Moreover, click on the channel icon to select
  • Click on the “Details” to learn more about the channel
  • Further, you have to follow all the on-screen instruction
  • Activation the channel account
  • Now, start watching your channel

Add channel via Roku streaming device:

  • Find your channel icon on your home screen
  • Once you find, click on the channel icon
  • Or you can find the channel from Roku channel store
  • Furthermore, you can follow above-mentioned steps to install channel on your Roku device


How to recover your email address and password?

Forgot your password? You can recover your password through these steps. Moreover, you have to remember your email address to reset your password. If you know your registered email address then follow these steps that are mentioned below.

  • You have to use your laptop, Smartphone or PC to reset password
  • Open using your system
  • Once you see the forgot password page, type your email address over there
  • After that, you have to select submit button to submit
  • It will send you a password recovery mail to your email address that you have entered
  • If you are unable to find the recovery mail, please check your spam box
  • Further, choose the recovery link that are provided in given email
  • Remember one thing, this link is valid for only one hour
  • Then copy that link and paste it in new tab
  • You will see the create password field, you have to enter the new password over there
  • Submit your new password
  • Now you can use this password to log in

Forgot your email address? Here we are providing the steps to find your registered email address.

  • Try to press “Home” button on your Roku remote control
  • After that, scroll down to find the “Settings” option
  • Further, you have to select “System” option
  • Afterward, you have to select “About” option to view your registered email address


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